Here at Masafrica we are passionate about Mexican food. Our aim is to provide you with fresh, authentic Mexican products.

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Made from wheat flour.

Wheat free and Gluten Free

Chipotle sauces and spices

Used to make Taco's , Normally served three in a portion. Fish Taco's, Beef Taco's, Pork Taco's

Used to make wraps, burritos and much more! The 20cm is perfect for quesadillas.

Used to make wraps, burritos and quesadillas. This is the size that you normally buy at the shops.

The 30cm is perfect for the burrito (Donkey) You fill with a lot of ingredients. Also nice for a pizza base.

A Corn Tortilla cut into wedges and then fried until crispy.

Our tomato flavour has not got a red colour but is specialy developed to maintain the same colour as the tortilla chip. Flavour is unforgetable

Also called the soft taco. You will be addicted once you have eaten a fresh corn tortilla or soft taco.

A corn tortilla, folded and crisp-fried. Consists of 8 units per packet.

Tostada is just a corn tortilla that is baked or fried till crispy.

125 ML Smoked for 4 hrs, Fermented for 2 Months.